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Co-opted governors:

Elaine Fox (Chair of local governing body)

In my role as Corporate Policy and Performance Officer for Nottingham City Council, in which I analyse Government policy for the Council’s leadership, two of the policy areas for which I am responsible are children’s services and education.  This means I have a good understanding of Government plans and requirements relating to schools and the wider children’s agenda, including early years and social care, as well as the Council’s own work in this area.  I spend as much of my free time in school as possible, which means apart from my monitoring roles on the governing body I can help with school initiatives such as Children in Need day and will be accompanying children on school trips.  I feel it is important for governors to have a visible presence in school and this also ensures governors know the children and see how the school operates, something which cannot be gleaned purely from attending meetings outside school hours.

In my former role at the Council I had regular briefings with the Portfolio Holder for Education and continue to produce briefings for him on educational matters when requested, for example most recently on the implications of the proposed ‘Education for All’ Bill and its subsequent cancellation.  As part of my current role I wrote the City Council’s official response to the ‘Schools that work for everyone’ consultation and I also produce quarterly reports on the Council’s performance against its targets in education and children’s services.  Until 12 months ago I attended the Education Improvement Board in a supporting role which included producing briefings for the Board and undertaking research tasks.  I meet at least twice a year with the Director of Education to discuss the local education context for Nottingham.  Aside from education matters I produce and present an annual report to the Council’s Audit Committee regarding the governance arrangements of its most significant partnerships, including verifying the governance documents of three partnerships each year along with input from our Internal Audit team.  This gives me valuable insight into good governance practices and other audit processes.

Having lived in Nottingham since the age of six, including staying for university, I am passionate about the city.  I am also keen to ensure everyone receives a quality education and I want to see all children, especially those in more deprived areas like Hyson Green achieve their full potential.  I am a firm believer in lifelong education so feel it is vital that children are instilled with an enjoyment of learning from a young age which they can carry with them into adulthood.  I enjoy being a school governor because it feels like we are making a difference to the educational provision of the children in our school and to the lives of our young people.  I see the role of a governor as an important part of making sure schools are held to account, whilst also supporting the head teacher and leadership team to run the school in what is an increasingly difficult role.

Area of responsibility: Leadership and management, quality of teaching, child protection (safeguarding) and member of the resources committee

Appointed on: 09/11/2017

Term of office ends: 08/11/2021

Employment: Policy Officer, Corporate Policy Team, Nottingham City Council (analysing Government policy for the Corporate Leadership Team and Executive Councillors)


Colin Wignall (Vice chair)

Having been a governor for Scotholme since 2005, first as a parent governor and now co-opted I am committed to the welfare and development of the school and use my skills to enable greater flexibility of teaching policy, increased awareness of disability and equality issues and general development of confidence and reliability in content and delivery of the curriculum.

I am retired under Ill Health regulations having worked with the vulnerable, old folk and folk with Learning Disabilities in assessment and provision of services which increased my awareness of personal and social issues which impinge on education. I have also taught French in a secondary school and worked in Pakistan so am aware of equality and diversity issues.

I now work as a Foodbank Organiser. I collect donations from various locations; promote the Foodbank; deal with service users and actively seek more donors so I am conversant with organisational issues.

I am also a volunteer at the Oxfam shop in Sherwood.

I am concerned for the rounded development of children so that they are aware of the needs of people around them. I am a preacher in the Methodist Church and motivate people to engage with communities. I am a speaker about global issues, sustainable development, disaster management and community development. I feel it is positive to make children aware of issues.

Area of responsibility: Quality of teaching, achievement of pupils and SEND/Inclusion

Appointed on: 09/11/2017

Term of office ends: 08/11/2021

Employment: Retired Community Care Officer


Zena Rashid

I have a keen interest and passion in supporting Education and making a difference for our children and their families. I have over 30 years’ experience within the field of education and have undertaken numerous roles such as School Advisor, Educational Consultant, Project manager, Montessori Directress in early years, FE, and HE tutor and Company Director and trustee. I have had an active role in developing grass roots initiatives within the quality framework, both within Local Government and voluntary third sector organisation, using education as a vehicle to tackle social injustice, inclusion and promote social cohesion. I aim to bring my diverse and rich experience in supporting our children collaboratively and giving them the best opportunities possible.

Area of responsibility: Achievement of pupils and early years provision

Appointed on: 09/11/2017

Term of office ends: 08/11/2021

Employment: University lecturer / project manager


Parent governors:

Matt Burrows

Area of responsibility: Behaviour and safety of pupils

Appointed on: 27/11/2017

Term of office ends: 26/11/2021

Employment: Senior service delivery manager - driver and vehicle standards agency


Zaf Iqbal

Area of responsibility: TBA

Appointed on: 13/02/2020

Term of office ends: 12/02/2024

Employment: TBA


Staff governors:

Kate Hall

I have been the Head Teacher at Scotholme since April 2006. Prior to working at Scotholme I have worked in schools in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, London and Morayshire in teaching and leadership roles.

Area of responsibility: Leadership and management of the school

Appointed on: n/a

Term of office ends: n/a

Employment: Headteacher


Ellen Greaves

Area of responsibility: Training and development of the local governing body

Appointed on: 09/11/2017

Term of office ends: 08/11/2021

Employment: Teaching assistant



Carl Hollis 

Having been a teacher and now senior leader at Scotholme Primary for the last 20 years, I have seen the importance in giving our children the best start in life, especially considering the many barriers that can be placed in their way. I have taught across the school and believe that children need to be given the best experiences, opportunities and learning that we can offer. It is my belief that when this occurs, we give our children the best possibility to succeed in life and achieve beyond what society might expect for them.

Area of responsibility: Child protection (Safeguarding), safer recruitment

Appointed on: n/a

Term of office ends: n/a

Employment: Deputy Headteacher


Retired governors:

There are no retired governors to record for the period of 2019/2020.