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Why join us?


If you wish to be at the forefront of an innovative multi-academy trust, then by joining SHINE now you can help shape our future.


If your aim is to be safely supported through the academy process, whilst holding onto your distinctiveness and autonomy, then SHINE has to be the place for you.



“We are a good or outstanding school - what will be the benefits of joining SHINE?”


  • Being able to deliver education using tried and tested methods within your own academy, but with the support and input from SHINE.
  • As long as achievement remains high within your academy, and there is a continued commitment to our shared ethos, you will retain your identity in how you offer a high-quality education. 
  • You will be provided with the shared services needed to manage your organisation effectively, so that you and your SLT can focus on leadership and school improvement. Initially this will consist of a Finance, HR, Legal and Governance package.
  • You will benefit from working closely and collaboratively with a small cluster of schools - operating with a common ethos, whilst being part of a larger organisation which will offer high-quality training and CPD opportunities for you and your staff. 



  • Following use of a self-audit tool (example shown below), you will be able to choose which elements from the three areas of Provision, Enhancement and Enrichment best suit your current needs. The SHINE Team will work with you to plan an appropriate package of support for the coming year.



  • Each cluster of four/five academies will be led and line managed by a Leader of School Improvement - who will co-ordinate, monitor and measure the impact of school improvement at your academy. This will remain the case as the Trust grows so that consistency, quality of support and challenge remains high.



  • You will receive one visit per half-term from your Leader of School Improvement to review your action plan and assess current standards. You will also have access to the half-termly Head Teacher meetings, led by the CEO and Curriculum Director.
  • SHINE recognises that as a good or outstanding school you will have expertise to share. We will want to find out what works in your setting, with the aim of adding your successful strategies and practice into our support packages - implemented by the relevant staff and growing the capacity of the MAT together.



  • There will be opportunities for you and your staff to provide support to another academy in the Trust; however, this will not be a requirement of joining SHINE as we realise that you may wish to focus on your own priorities.


"We are a school in an Ofsted category - what will be the benefits of joining the SHINE?"


  • We recognise that schools in an Ofsted category must make rapid, measurable improvement in order to affect pupil outcomes quickly. The SHINE Team will work with the academy to choose and decide on the order of implementation of elements within the Provision package and how these elements can be introduced. The level of support will depend on the context and immediate needs. 
  • The Trust will be committed to providing this support and challenge within our shared ethos of care and respect. The need to make rapid improvement will be aligned with the need to embed systems and practices fully for sustained future success.
  • Elements from the Enhancement and Enrichment packages will also be included in the school’s action plan to provide pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • The same monitoring and quality assurance procedures will apply to your academy as outlined above. However, if improvement is not as rapid as expected and/or success criteria laid out in the action plan are not met, then more intensive support will be given.


Common questions which Headteachers and their Local Governing Bodies asked before joining SHINE have been compiled in the document below: