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The SHINE Multi Academy Trust (SHINE) has an appointed admissions committee responsible for considering and determining the admission arrangements for all their academies. SHINE's academies work in partnership with their home local authority to ensure the admissions process complies with the Department for Education's code for admissions: 


The determined admission arrangements for all SHINE academies are closely aligned with those of their home local authority. However, parents/carers wishing to apply to a SHINE academy are encouraged to refer to the relevant document below as there may be minor variations from the local authority’s policy, in which case the SHINE policy will take precedence. If you have any questions about our admissions processes, please contact: 

Helena Brooks

In summary

For first admission parents/carers should apply to their own (home) local authority stating their preference(s) for school places. The local authorities are then responsible for liaising with each other to coordinate the scheme across local authority boundaries. The following links can be used to apply for places when parents/carers live within the home local authority of our academies:

Note: With effect from 1 November 2021, applications for in-year places should be made via the home local authority for the academy you are applying to (please refer to the links above).



When an application for a place at John Hunt or Ranskill is unsuccessful, parent/carers are able to appeal the decision by completing this admissions appeals form:

To appeal for a place at Ironville, Langold, Scotholme and Whitemoor academies parents/carers should refer to their home local authority: 



Scotholme and Whitemoor: 

Primary admissions application and appeals timetable 

National closing date for on-time applications

15 January 2022

National offer date for all Primary Schools

19 April 2022

Closing date for on-time appeals

18 May 2022

On-time appeals will be heard by

20 July 2022

(Late appeals will be heard at the same time as online appeals wherever possible or within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged)

Last date to submit any additional information in support of your appeal

The independent clerk will notify you of this date, which is usually ten school days before the date of your appeal hearing

Decisions will be communicated in writing from the independent clerk, within five school days of the date of your appeal



In-year appeals will be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged


There are no changes to the admissions criteria for John Hunt Academy - SHINE will continue to apply the relevant elements of Nottinghamshire County Council determined admissions arrangements for 2022/2023


Please click on the relevant school logo below to access their local policies: