Providing pupils with firm foundations whilst developing their uniqueness and allowing them to shine
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Vision and Values


Raising Aspirations and Achievement, within a Take Care ethos, whilst Celebrating Uniqueness and allowing all to SHINE


We are a small but growing multi academy trust called SHINE - with a strong curriculum framework, designed to fulfil the ambition of our shared mission statement. 




We believe that the elements of our triangle model, when in place proportionally, provide a first-class education for all pupils - in which they build knowledge and develop skills to the highest level, whilst also providing a rich, opportunity-led, curriculum which develops the whole child and their character.


PROVISION: Through high-quality teaching and learning, particularly in the core subjects of English and Maths, all our pupils will leave our academies having acquired core knowledge and the best set of basic skills possible. Strengthening, maintaining or further developing the provision element in all our academies is central to our work in providing pupils with this strong foundation.


ENHANCEMENT: We believe that all pupils should have access to a rich, engaging and challenging curriculum, which enables them to learn and grow in a broader sense as unique individuals. Through emphasis on the arts, languages, outdoor learning, sport and physical education; we aim to discover the ‘hook’ which motivates and inspires the individual.


ENRICHMENT: We believe that all pupils should have access to powerful learning experiences that build their cultural capital and widen their understanding of the world they live in. Where possible, we aim to provide the specialist support required to turn interests into passions, enabling all our pupils to SHINE.


‘A life is only rich if you fill it with experiences!’



Freedom within a framework


Our shared intent for a first-class education enables our collaborative school improvement work to have clarity, drive and genuine impact. 

Whilst adhering to this framework and sharing overall curriculum intent, each school within the Trust has the freedom to implement the three elements of the curriculum framework appropriately, in order to best support their pupils in building knowledge, applying skills and developing character. This will be dependent on pupil needs, interest and the school’s context.