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The SHINE Schools:

Ironville & Codnor Park Primary School

Going into special measures is never a nice experience for a school and it’s always hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After it happened to us, staff morale was very low and the parents and carers had lost faith in the school... 

Since the school has been working with SHINE, staff morale has improved dramatically and everyone feels valued and appreciated. Those parents and carers who are able to come in to school have noticed a difference and are excited about the improvements we have made to support the educational needs of their children. Visitors are saying that the school now feels like a different place!


Langold Dyscarr Community School

We feel really proud and privileged to be part of SHINE MAT. Our school is nurtured, valued and most importantly encouraged to be different. The 'Take Care' ethos of SHINE not only supports our staff but our children too, who are encouraged to grow into individuals who SHINE in their own strengths.


Ranskill Primary School

We made the decision to convert to academy status as we felt, with greater autonomy, we could provide better educational opportunities for our pupils. We strongly believe in the values and ethos of SHINE and therefore, for us, it was a no-brainer as to which Trust to join.

Since joining SHINE, our curriculum has been enhanced, pupils are enjoying better learning experiences and staff feel valued and supported due to the wealth of professional development opportunities that have presented themselves.


Scotholme Primary and Nursery School

For us, the decision to become an academy was a difficult one. Although we welcomed the greater freedom and collaborative working that academisation brings, we did not want to lose our identity and become ‘one of the same.’ 

Becoming part of the SHINE Multi Academy Trust has been very reassuring. It really is completely different to the idea of the ‘everyone does the same’ MAT that we were so worried about joining. The schools which are part of the Trust are all very different, but we all share the passion for giving children the very best and the dedication which is required to make this happen. 


Whitemoor Academy (Primary and Nursery)

I became Headteacher at Whitemoor Academy in September 2018. Since I have been in post, it is evident that a great investment is made in the provision of opportunities for pupils and staff development.... In simple terms, SHINE is doing what it says on the tin!

From a newly appointed Headteacher’s point of view, I strongly feel that I have had nothing but exceptional help, advice and support. Furthermore, I can see that this network of support and advice, which comes from the SHINE organisation, is readily available at all levels.


External Sources:


Following inspection of Ranskill Primary School in November:


"The Trust is working with leaders to improve the curriculum. They have set out clear guidance on what should be taught in most subjects over time. They have provided training for teachers. This is ensuring that teachers plan well-sequenced lessons that build up what pupils know and can do."


Richard Tomlinson (Headteacher at East Bridgford St. Peter's CE Academy)

Following staff INSET delivered by Judi and Pete:


"The morning inset was received very well indeed, with staff feedback such as: inspiring, clear, useful and really good!"


Paul Higginbottom (Headteacher of Everton and Mattersey Primary Schools)

Following HT appraisal review led by Judi:


"For the first time in a while it felt like the process was handled in a sensitive, very constructive way - with positive steps forward planned."


Nadine Wilkinson (Headteacher at Sutton-Cum-Lound C of E Primary School)

Following staff training delivered by Judi and Pete:


"The staff spoke very highly about the quality of the presentation and felt it was incredibly useful."


James Jones (Head of Consumer Affairs at Experian PLC)

Following a lesson Pete taught, watched by the actor Michael Sheen, The Daily Mirror and Experian: 


"A massive thank you for hosting the visit today and making us all feel so welcome. Michael and Tricia really enjoyed meeting the staff and pupils and were very complimentary about the lesson. Of course, it was always going to be the day's highlight! Can't wait to see the Mirror article..."


Brendan Coulson (Principal Lecturer in Education at Nottingham Trent University)

Following a series of lectures which Pete provided for ITT students:


"Pete, on behalf of the team, thank you for stepping in and supporting us. We are so grateful, thank you for doing a brilliant job and for all your hard work. The student feedback is extremely positive!"


Rachel Kemp (Programme Officer at Active Notts)

Following a presentation by Pete at a regional conference: 


"I just wanted to say a massive thanks once again for delivering at our poster presentation workshop and sharing some of the work you are doing in your schools. Everyone I spoke to was really positive about the session and enjoyed hearing about the approaches you are taking within your schools and the impact it is having...... so many thanks once again for sharing." 


Kay Hardiman (Senior Manager, Children, Young People and Learning, Arts Council England)

Following a visit to one of our schools which Pete led: 


"...Pete was very generous with his time and sharing his expert knowledge about creative education. From him, I feel I have a really good understanding of how creativity works and why it matters to the Trust, which I can take back and learn from for our strategic planning with schools."